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"This is AMAZING Caitlin! This type of work has always been super challenging for me. Thank you for your awesome guidance & making me feel like a warrior."


"I learned so much ... feeling great! Thank you so much Caitlin!"


"I find your teaching style inspiring & I'm so excited to have access to your workouts & valuable insight. Just finished the BUILD workout for abs, butt, & arms, followed by a foam roller session & I feel amazing!"


"You're amazing Caitlin! I love your workouts & they keep getting better, they really do help us connect with ourselves better."


"BTW, love your workouts! I always feel so long & lean after!"


"Her workouts are soooooo so good! They are NOT to be underestimated. I love how she guide you through activating each muscle group before you use it. Such good, functional movement."


I could never find a workout that consistently made my body feel good ...

until I met Pilates! I had tried spinning, running, hot yoga, & regular ol' gym time. I liked some more than others, but ultimately I felt like it was something I HAD to do to cross-train for my ballet career & ALL of them left me with some form of lingering pain or inflammation.

Pilates has changed my life & my relationship with my body. I feel empowered & in harmony.

No more

  • neck pain
  • tension migraines
  • rounded, slouchy shoulders
  • weakness or muscle imbalance
  • back pain

The best part?

YOU get to choose the intensity when you ask your body what it needs each day.

Endurance & muscle stamina?


Toning & lengthening?


Release & recovery?


Spring to Life Method

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Pilates & holistic health are the basis for longevity. 

You can Spring to Life at any age!

In addition to exercise, diet & lifestyle are crucial components to a long, healthy life. I became an IIN certified health coach to improve my quality of life after losing my dad to cancer at the young age of 56.

Inviting holistic health & wellness into your life is an invitation to self-discovery. I honestly did not know that I could feel this good in my body!

When you join Method+ you get access to all the things that have brought light into my life & keep me feeling amazing!

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