Get toned & reduce inflammation with low-impact workouts!


BUILD. Start with your body

BALANCE. Connect with your mind

BREATHE. Transform your life

Get toned

& strong with

low-impact, anti-inflammatory workouts! 


Build. Start with your body.

Balance. Connect with your mind.

Breathe. Transform your life.

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Spring to Life Membership:  

real results that make you feel GOOD!


Say goodbye to fad diets & extreme workouts.

Say hello to accountability & flexibility. You’ll get individualized feedback to help you make effective changes with low-impact workouts that leave you feeling energized, not drained, & wholesome, satisfying nutrition to optimize your hormones & overall health. 

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What's Included:


Is this membership for me?


→ You’ve tried tons of workouts but haven’t seen the transformation you envisioned

The Spring to Life Method tones your whole body with low-impact movement while building a strong mind/body connection. The way I teach is a collaborative effort- I want to answer your questions to help you get the most out of your workouts!

→ You want to know if you're doing it right!

You get weekly live classes, monthly check-in calls, & an online community, I’m ready to give direct feedback & help you achieve your fitness goals!

→ You're sick of extremes!

Working out & eating do not have to be extreme in order to be effective. With the Spring to Life Method, small changes make a big impact.

→ You want to live a clean, balanced life

Get tested & approved clean product recommendations for skincare, supplements, food, & household items plus nutritional guidance that will help you tune in to YOU.

→ You want to feel more connected

The Spring to Life Method emphasizes cycle tracking as a way to inform nutrition & exercise. While you do not need to cycle track for the Spring to Life Method to be effective, it is another way for you to connect mind & body. I’ll show you how to plan your meals & workouts around your own unique rhythm.


The Method:


B U I L D 

strength, muscle tone & confidence


diet, self, life


exercise, meditation, rest




Caitlin Sullivan is a Movement Specialist and Pilates instructor as well as a certified health coach with a concentration in hormone health.

She is the creator of the Spring to Life Method, which empowers women to get toned with low-impact, anti-inflammatory workouts and wholesome, intuitive nutrition. She is dedicated helping women awaken their mind/body connection and feel amazing in their bodies.

Let's Time Travel to your New Reality:


✔️ There’s no more guesswork in your fitness routine

I’ll get you started with a strong foundation plus get a suggested workout schedule every week!

✔️ You wake up with energy, excited for your morning routine

Learn how to stop waking up groggy & seize the day!

✔️ Food & eating no longer stress you out

Get clear on the foods that work for you so you can fuel up without worry!

✔️ You stand a little taller & walk with confidence

The Spring to Life Method will seriously change the way you enter a room!


How it Works...

Sign up & you’ll receive immediate access (via your login portal) to the full workout library, exercise reference library, online community for the Basic membership ...

PLUS! LIVE weekly classes, expert interviews, seasonal nutrition guides, & centering meditations for the Complete membership!

Each month, receive:


  • Weekly Livestream class
  • 6+ new workouts


  • Monthly Group Check-In Call
  • Premium content with guest experts & guided meditations

Ongoing Bonuses include:

  • seasonal food guides
  • clean product recs
  • hormone balance guidance

Before you say...


🔒 I've tried other online programs & they have not worked for me.

That’s why I take a 3-pronged approach:  exercise, nutrition, & lifestyle. I’m here to guide you & offer feedback along the way. This is NOT just another fitness routine, there’s a METHOD to the movement, which is why it WORKS!

Plus, I make sure you get individual attention to address your personal needs & concerns to help you make bigger changes quicker.

🔒 I'm already spending money on other gym memberships and don't have the funds

For the price of 3 drop-in classes per month you get access to a whole library of workouts, 4 live classes, nutrition content, live support, & more… I believe in you, all you have to do is believe in yourself, too!

🔒 I’ve done Pilates before & I didn’t feel anything

You didn’t have me as your teacher! Seriously, with 15 years of experience teaching movement, I’m going to make sure you feel the work with creative cues & out-of-the-box exercises that make you strengthen muscles you didn’t know were there.


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  • On-demand access to the Spring to Life video library 
  • 6+ new workouts every month
  • 1 live Member's Only class per month
  • Access to the Spring to Life Community



 Get everything in the Basic plan PLUS:

  • Weekly Member's Only livestream class
  • Monthly group coaching call
  • Sample morning & evening routines
  • Seasonal Food Guides
  • Expert Interviews 
  • Nutrition & Lifestyle Content for Clear Skin & Balanced Hormones

a message from Caitlin...


I’m here to tell you I’ve been there - stressed, foggy & forgetful, bloated, irritable, puffy, exhausted, acne-ridden, constantly sick, always in pain, suffering from migraines, & did I mention forgetful?

It’s a lot when you list it out, but these symptoms fly under the radar when you’re living your best, busy life; at least they did for me until I hit a wall. My wall was complete burnout. I couldn’t keep up with my own life & I started to realize my laundry list of symptoms were not normal at all.

As I started to unpack my symptoms & get to the root causes, I realized that life can be so much simpler if we allow ourselves to tune out the external noise & tune in to what our bodies are telling us. 

I watched my bloating slip away, the fog lift, the stress lighten, acne clear, pain & migraines dissipate, & my brain function return!