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Spring to Life


Pilates-based circuits, targeted mini-flows & dance cardio

Mat Pilates flows inspired by tradition

Deep stretching, active meditation, foam rolling & myofascial release

"This is AMAZING Caitlin! This type of work has always been super challenging for me. Thank you for your awesome guidance & making me feel like a warrior."


"I learned so much ... feeling great! Thank you so much Caitlin!"


"I find your teaching style inspiring & I'm so excited to have access to your workouts & valuable insight. Just finished the BUILD workout for abs, butt, & arms, followed by a foam roller session & I feel amazing!"


"You're amazing Caitlin! I love your workouts & they keep getting better, they really do help us connect with ourselves better."


"BTW, love your workouts! I always feel so long & lean after!"


"Her workouts are soooooo so good! They are NOT to be underestimated. I love how she guide you through activating each muscle group before you use it. Such good, functional movement."


I found Pilates when my body felt it's weakest:

Chronic pain and tension in my neck shoulders that left me unable to drive with both hands on the steering wheel or carry a purse over my shoulder.

Debilitating migraines that would knock me off my feet for days at a time.

Destroyed body image from years in the professional ballet world.

I found cycle syncing when I was burnt out and disconnected:

Irregular periods

Brain fog

Mood swings


Recurring yeast infections and UTIs

Cystic acne

Bloat and inflammation

I spent years chasing solutions that didn't work: 

Gym memberships | Plastic sauna pants | Expensive skincare products and treatments | Hot yoga everyday | Hormonal birth control | Fad diets | Denial | Pushing through | Restricting and binging | OTC treatments | Pharmaceuticals | Only cardio 


Learn to move with your cycle!

By customizing your workout schedule & intensity to your own hormonal fluctuations, you will optimize muscle toning, fat loss, & recovery times so you feel amazing all month long!

Spring to Life Method

Feel the difference after just 10 flows!

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New moon/Full moon live classes

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More than a workout...

The Spring to Life Method is is the framework for you to create a supportive lifestyle around YOUR unique hormonal rhythm.

I spent years in a mind/body battle- body dysmorphia and disordered eating during my professional ballet career; low self-worth and people pleasing; punishing my body with exercise while not properly nourishing it; burning myself out with school, relationships, work and commitments; anxious and depressed; disempowering myself more often than not.

Surrendering to and truly listening to my body, embracing my menstrual cycle and doing less when I was used to doing the most were catalysts for positive change in my physical and mental health.

The most beautiful part is that the answer is WITHIN YOU. Your menstrual cycle is not something to be ashamed of, to ignore or to mock. It is your inner guiding light, let it show you the way!

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